Differentiate your practice. Accelerate your growth.

NeuroVisual Medicine is an all-inclusive, easy-to-implement business model designed for optometry practices looking for growth, independence, and profitability. Discover how NVM enables practices to grow on their own terms.

Powerful. Sustainable. Profitable.

7 Steps to Practice Success with NeuroVisual

Offer a high demand service, transform patient lives and grow your bottom line - all without expensive machines or months of vision therapy.

NeuroVisual Medicine doesn’t just pay for itself. It pays for itself 10x over.

Break even in less than 6 months

Average practices break even on their entire investment in 3-4 months.

Earn 1000% on your monthly payment

Practices who finance their investment earn ten times on their monthly payment within months of getting started.

What you can earn with NeuroVisual Medicine?

Average practices earn over $200k/year working 1 day per week with NeuroVisual Medicine. With a few key data points, you can scope out the financial opportunity of adding NeuroVisual Medicine to your practice.

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How does this compare to the last piece of specialty equipment you purchased?

How we help practices succeed.

Create new value, from your exam chair to the back office.

Break free from vision insurance.

Start your path of independence from vision insurance plans. Deliver an in-demand service that you can bill through medical insurance or offer as a non-covered service that patients are eager to pay for. Discover proven ways to reduce your dependence on insurance and attract the right type of patients to your office.

See fewer patients. Create more value.

Envision only seeing 6-8 patients per day, and generating an average of +30-50% higher revenue when compared to comprehensive exams. Fewer patients means your staff can dedicate more time and attention to each patient, creating deeper relationships and setting your practice above the rest of your colleagues. Fewer patients per day also means improved staff retention by preventing staff and doctor burnout.

Fill up your schedule with more specialty patients.

NeuroVisual Medicine enables you to care for a completely different group of patients and obtain referrals from a new group of MD referral sources. BVD patients are regularly referred from ENTs, Neurologists, Vestibular Therapists, Ophthalmologists, and more. Engage with a brand new demographic of patients in your practice.

Give your optical a boost.

Make patients not just see better but feel better through the NeuroVisual™ Clinical Protocol. They’ll trial their final prescription during the exam and immediately experience 50% reduction of symptoms, and will want to purchase precision eyewear from you that provides the same relief. Life changing care creates lifelong-loyal patients. Increase your capture rate to +75% and your second pair sales rate to +30%.

BVD is Everywhere. Help a lot more patients.

Tap into your current patient base.

Begin screening every one of your patients with the BVDQ™ (Binocular Vision Dysfunction Questionnaire) to learn who is suffering from symptoms they might never have told you before (like car sickness or chronic neck pain). Turn Annual exams into new opportunities to offer dramatic relief to your patients.

of your current patients suffer from BVD symptoms on a regular basis

Attract an entirely new demographic of patients.

Tens of thousands of patients are searching for answers on Google and online forums each week. Thousands of these people complete the BVDQ™ online each month and are looking for help in their region. There are simply not enough clinicians to care for all of these patients.

With NeuroVisual Medicine, plant your flag and let these patients know you’re certified to help! We’ll show you how.

Adopted by the country’s leading independent practices.

Meaningful work means happy staff.

Staff feel connected to NeuroVisual patients by providing life-changing care


“Prism and the NeuroVisual patients are the best parts of the week in our office. We know we’re going to be changing someone’s outlook on life.. and they’re so grateful. It just feels good to be here and be a part of the process.”

Jim Klein
Scheduling Staff, Vision Specialists of Michgian

Meet the practice owners leveraging NeuroVisual Medicine.

“From a business standpoint, NeuroVisual Medicine is the most productive for us money-wise.”

Laurie Sorrenson, OD

Owner, Lakeline Vision Source
Lakeline Vision Source Owner
NeuroVisual Center of NY Owner
“I’m earning more salary than I’ve ever made in my over 20-years of practicing optometry. I only see six patients a day. I don’t work weekends, and I’m out of my office by six.”

Cheryl Berger-Israeloff, OD

Owner, NeuroVisual Center of NY

“I like the slower pace. It lets me get off of the “refraction mill” of seeing a patient every 10 or 15 minutes.”

Jeffrey Handschumacher, OD

Owner, Family Eyecare Center