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NeuroVisual Medicine provides dramatic relief for many struggling patients.

Dramatically Change
Patient Lives

A NeuroVisual Medicine specialty enables you to treat an entirely new population of patients using microprism lenses

  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Motion Sickness
  • Headaches
  • Eye Strain
  • Gait Instability
  • ADHD
  • Neck Ache
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Nausea
  • Post Concussive Symptoms
  • Dizziness while Driving

Upon completion of treatment our patients report an 80% reduction in their Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) symptoms.

These medical symptoms can often be treated with a pair of glasses.

80 %

Upon completion of treatment our patients report an 80% reduction in their Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) symptoms.

The proven NeuroVisual™ Method


Easily identify those who will benefit from a NeuroVisual Evaluation by using the scientifically validated Binocular Vision Dysfunction Questionnaire (BVDQ™) and 5-Minute Cover Test™.

Test & Trial

NeuroVisual Specialists perform a series of tests to diagnose and treat Binocular Vision Dysfunction. Patients trial their new microprism prescription and experience an average symptom reduction of 50% during their first exam.


Our labs produce lenses with the highest precision possible to translate the fine-tuned microprism prescription into lenses that greatly reduce patient symptoms.

Fine Tune

Patients’ eye muscles experience Progressive Relaxation™ with their new prescription. We are able to maximize their symptom reduction by fine-tuning their prescription during their Progress Examination.

Deliver Immediate Results

Meet Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann (age 7) had difficulty reading and paying attention in school. She was asked to draw a picture of her doctor before her exam.

Ruth Ann has Binocular Vision Dysfunction and was prescribed a pair of microprism corrective lenses. After her exam, Ruth Ann drew the picture on the right of her doctor while wearing her new prescription.

Before her
NeuroVisual Exam

After her Exam, with her new microprism lenses

What’s it like to be a provider?

Dr. Marianne McDaniel talks about patient transformation and clinical growth, finding a new level of joy practicing NeuroVisual Medicine.

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I had no idea my symptoms were stemming from a TBI related eye issue. Prism lenses and a correct prescription have solved all my issues. My balance has improved and my headaches are gone.

Tammy A, NeuroVisual Patient

I’ve gotten more hugs doing this work than I had gotten in my previous 20 years of practice.

Dr. Sandy DiPonio, NeuroVisual Specialist

I had never heard of Binocular Vision Dysfunction and was absolutely blown away at my first appointment! My headaches, nausea, balance, coordination, and anxiety have all drastically improved since being diagnosed and prescribed prism lenses!

Amber C, NeuroVisual Patient

From a business standpoint, NeuroVisual Medicine is the most productive for us money-wise. Seeing just two Neuro Patients in an afternoon makes my associate on par with other doctors in our practice for gross per hour.

Dr. Laurie Sorrenson, Practice Owner with a NeuroVisual Specialist on staff

I have had migraines and neck pain my whole life. I have always tilted my head, all day long. I never imagined these conditions were related to my vision! While in PT for neck pain and headaches, my PT noticed my head tilt and suggested I do an online assessment for Binocular Vision Dysfunction… I scored a 49, and the office called me… the testing proved that I needed prism lenses and when I got my glasses I was AMAZED at how well I could see. I have never seen so clearly, ever! My neck pain and headaches are greatly reduced, and I am so grateful!

Karen B, NeuroVisual Patient

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Transform patient lives through lenses

Over 20,000 patients have been treated for BVD with microprism lenses. Watch our patients tell their transformative stories from kids struggling in school, debilitating headaches after motorcycle crash, anxiety while driving, and more.

Remove the guesswork from prisms

For over 25 years, our clinical researchers have been developing and refining the clinical techniques to diagnose and treat subtle eye misalignments, and closely analyzing patient outcomes. Read our peer reviewed and published articles.

Watch the TEDx Talk

Dr. Debby Feinberg took the TEDx stage in Detroit, MI to spread the word about Binocular Vision Dysfunction and her mission to reframe the treatment of headaches, dizziness, anxiety, ADHD, Dyslexia, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), concussion, and Post Concussive Symptoms (PCS).