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Screening for BVD
We use the scientifically validated BVDQ™ Symptom Questionnaire and the 5-Minute Cover Test™ to identify patients who most likely have BVD.

Binocular Vision Evaluation
We conduct multiple vision alignment tests and analysis of posture and gait stability.

Trial Framing
We custom fit the patient’s prescription, utilizing increments of microprism (as small as 0.25D) on the horizontal and vertical planes.

NeuroVisual Medicine is a clinical specialty that is based upon the optometrist assessing and diagnosing vertical and horizontal heterophorias, and treating the debilitating symptoms of these heterophorias with readily available microprism lenses.

NeuroVisual Medicine also encompasses the hearing and vestibular systems, identifying dizziness, gait/balance disturbances, anxiety and headaches as a result of sound sensitivity. Consultation with otologists is sought for further evaluation of inner ear pathology, and noise canceling devices can provide symptomatic relief.

We provide all needed resources (equipment, business forms/documents, marketing resources, phone support) to enable successful specialty implementation in your practice.

The goal of this program is to provide you and your staff with all the training and materials necessary to begin practicing NeuroVisual Medicine and to run a successful NeuroVisual Medicine practice, with you being able to see your first NeuroVisual Medicine patient immediately upon your return from training.

Our 5-Day hands-on training workshop covers everything from the clinical techniques of NeuroVisual Medicine to the practice management skills to establish and grow your own NeuroVisual Specialty practice. Training continues with a regular clinical and business coaching program with you and your team.

Most of our colleagues begin with dedicating ½ to 1 day per week to see their NeuroVisual patients. Within your first 6-12 months, as your NVM practice grows, you will likely expand your schedule to see more NeuroVisual patients.

As a Graduate and member of the NVM Network, you will begin receiving patient referrals from our lead generation site. Anticipate 50-300 new leads per year, depending on your region.

We also help you grow your referral network by providing proven tools, techniques and coaching to you and your team.

Yes. We offer a financing program through the Institute to enable you to add NeuroVisual Medicine to your practice without having to deal with the red tape of your bank or local credit union.

Our colleagues see a full return on their investment with 3-6 months after training.

Yes. We teach you and your team the techniques to successfully bill medical insurance for your NeuroVisual services.

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