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NVM Provider Testimonials

NeuroVisual Medicine Specialists share their experience of training and helping patients with BVD

 Dr. Erin Sonneberg (Boynton Beach, FL)19:36

Dr. Erin Sonneberg, who became a NeuroVisual Specialist in 2016, reflects on her last four years of practicing NeuroVisual Medicine – the benefits and opportunities of this optometric specialty.

Dr. Julie Lam (Phoenix, AZ)3:51

Since adding NeuroVisual Medicine to her independent optometry practice in 2019, the demand for Dr. Lam’s NeuroVisual Speciality has grown steadily. (Training Testimonial)

Dr. Albert Pang (Dallas, TX)5:35

With a keen interest on adding cutting edge specialities to help his patients, Dr. Pang has enjoyed the addition of NeuroVisual Medicine to practice. (Training Testimonial)

Dr. Andrew Taylor (Australia)5:40

Before coming to train, Dr. Taylor had an interest in binocular vision. He has now integrated NVM techniques with his prior understanding of balance and orientation in space to help relieve patients BVD symptoms. (Training Testimonial)

Dr. Tracy MacIntyre4:46

Introducing NeuroVisual Medicine into her general practice has enabled Dr.MacIntyre to help patients with a whole new level of care. (Training Testimonial)

Dr. Neshia Rudd (Tyler, TX)5:51

Dr. Rudd has found that NVM integrates well into her practice, which includes vision therapy with children. (Training Testimonial)

Patient Testimonials

Patients tell their stories of relief with NeuroVisual Medicine and treatment with micro-prism lenses

Roy’s Story of Recovery6:36

Major problems: Traumatic Brain Injury, Headaches, Nausea

Brandon’s Tension 6:36Headaches

Major problems: Tension Headaches, Anxiety, Panic Attacks while Driving

Cynthia’s Story of Relief10:43

Major problems: Debilitating Headaches, Motion Sickness, Dizziness

Pastor Jim’s BVD Story9:46

Major problems: Dizzy While Driving, Unable to Work

David’s Game 5:40Changing Glasses

Major problems: Fatigue, Learning Challenges, Double Vision, Reading Difficulties, Lack of Coordination

Chris’s BVD Story3:06

Major problems: Spinning, Nausea, Dizziness

Riley’s Transformation 2:59 with Prism

Major problem: Reading Challenges

A Veteran’s Triumph over6:45 TBI

Major problems: Light Sensitivity, Nausea, Post Concussive Symptoms

Natalie’s BVD 5:49Disguised as Ocular Migraines

Major problems: Headaches, Ocular Migraines

Adam’s Story10:43

Major problem: Life long Learning Challenges

Kali’s BVD Story4:52

Major problems: Headaches, Dizzy Spells, Learning Challenges

Maddie’s Headache 3:00 Relief from Glasses

Major problem: Severe Migraines

Referring Colleague Testimonials

NeuroVisual Medicine is Becoming a Crucial Tool for our Colleagues Across Medical Specialties

Colleague to Colleague11:47

Our Medical Colleagues who refer patients for NeuroVisual Medicine Evaluation have helped us gain an understanding of the scope and impact of NeuroVisual Medicine. NeuroVisual Specialists across the country are referred to by medical colleagues regularly.

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