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If you are like us, you chose to become an optometrist to make a difference in people’s lives. There is great joy and satisfaction in helping people to see. But some days it can be difficult to enjoy your specialty, what with pressures from the insurance industry, the ability of patients to buy their glasses on-line, and the need to see more and more patients per day just to keep up financially.

If you are looking to regain the excitement and happiness of clinical practice that was present when you began your career, NeuroVisual Medicine is your answer. This specialty serves the 20% of people who experience the symptoms of Binocular Vision Dysfunction (including headache, dizziness and anxiety) who are desperately seeking help – help that you will be able to provide as a trained NeuroVisual Specialist. Using micro-prism lenses, your patients will experience an incredible 80% reduction in symptoms. Your days will become filled with hugs and tears of joy, as these patients will be so relieved to have finally found an answer after all the years of searching – they never thought they would ever feel this good again.

Become a NeuroVisual Medicine provider - it will change your patient’s lives, and yours, too.

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Erin Sonneberg OD, discusses her life changing career move to becoming a NeuroVisual Medicine Provider.

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Explore how NeuroVisual Medicine provides powerful and consistent patient results in multiple peer-reviewed and published research papers.

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Meet Adam. He has Binocular Vision Dysfunction and shares his powerful story of his life after his NeuroVisual Treatment.

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