Clinical Resources

A New Approach to Phoria Screeing & Testing


There are hundreds of patients currently in your practice who suffer from the symptoms of subtle eye misalignments like Vertical Heterophoria. The tools on this page will give you the ability to identify these patients.

  • The 5-Minute Cover Test™

    While the BVDQ™, informs the doctor that the patient would benefit from a NeuroVisual Examination, the 5-Minute Cover Test™ demonstrates this need to the patient. If the patient experiences symptom relief while being made monocular during the 5-Minute cover test, they most likely have a binocular vision issue, clarifying to them that obtaining a NeuroVisual Exam is their path to feeling better.

  • Introduction to BVD & VH

    So your patient is complaining of migraines and anxiety – is it BVD or VH?  Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) and Vertical Heterophoria (VH) are two of the least understood conditions in optometry today.  This guide will give you a primer about what to look for and what to do next!

Take the Next Step

After trying these two tests with your patients, you will quickly become aware of the large number of your patients who could benefit from a NeuroVisual Examination and treatment with microprism lenses, as well as the finacial impact that caring for this patient population could have upon your practice. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your patients lives: become a NeuroVisual Medicine Specialist and learn how to diagnose and successfully treat their Vertical Heterophoria.

Interested in becoming a NeuroVisual Medicine Provider?