The BVDQ™ gives you access to the most powerful and reliable tool developed to identify patients who most likely have Vertical Heterophoria and will respond to treatment.

Download this form to get a quick and easy test that:
  • Can be completed by any of your patients in under 5 minutes.
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  • Has been scientifically validated and completed by over 50,000 patients worldwide.

Pathophysiology of Binocular
Vision Dysfunction

Vertical Heterophoria and Treatment with
Microprism: The Missing Link

Since first coming across the connection between prism, eyes, and dizziness in 1995, our Detroit-based clinical research team has made significant strides in the understanding and utilization of microprism lenses in the treatment of patients with heterophorias, particularly vertical heterophorias.

Our success in treating these symptomatic patients led us to develop the tools and techniques of NeuroVisual Medicine, and to report them via peer-reviewed research. We are on a mission to share this work and its life-changing effect on patients with our colleagues, both through stories of dramatic patient relief and rigorous clinical research.

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