Grow Your Practice Revenue with NeuroVisual Medicine

Running an independent optometry practice in today's competitive business landscape can be challenging. The financial pressures of the industry can make it difficult to provide quality care while maintaining financial stability.


Adding NeuroVisual Medicine to your practice can significantly improve your revenue and profitability. By becoming a NeuroVisual Specialist, you can help the 20% of people suffering from Binocular Vision Dysfunction, using microprism lenses to reduce their symptoms by up to 80%. With an average break-even time of just 3-4 months, you can quickly experience the financial benefits of adding NeuroVisual Medicine to your practice. What's more, NeuroVisual Medicine is billable to medical insurance and can also be reimbursed via private pay, greatly reducing your reliance on managed care and vision plans.  With a few key data points, we'll show you exactly how much you can earn with NeuroVisual Medicine in your first 12 months.

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Meet providers who change lives

Erin Sonneberg OD, discusses her life changing career move to becoming a NeuroVisual Medicine Provider.

Dig into the science

Explore how NeuroVisual Medicine provides powerful and consistent patient results in multiple peer-reviewed and published research papers.

Listen to adam’s bVD Story

Meet Adam. He has Binocular Vision Dysfunction and shares his powerful story of his life after his NeuroVisual Treatment.

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