Screening for Vertical Heterophoria: A Guide for Optometrists

  • Courtney Dryer, OD
  • 7 min Read

A Guide for Optometrists

Have you seen patients in your clinic that you have been unable to help? A comprehensive eye exam with binocularity testing fails to address their symptoms of headaches, dizziness or post-concussion symptoms. They should be screened for Vertical Heterophoria (VH).

By incorporating a validated questionnaire that identifies VH suspects (the BVDQ) and VH testing into your practice, you can help individuals who cannot be treated by other optometrists, ENTs, or medical doctors. Equip yourself in this specialty to grow your practice and change the lives of patients who value your expertise.

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Man Holding Trial Frame


Download the BVDQ and 5-Minute Cover Test to screen your patients for VH.