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Expanding Awareness of BVD in Optometry

Patients don’t think to tell the optometrist that they are dizzy or anxious.  It’s time to increase visibility with patients and OD colleagues for this little-known condition.

All optometrists training with the NeuroVisual Medicine Institute observe founder Debby Feinberg, OD, in her element at Vision Specialists of Michigan, her practice in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. As they learn how to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from binocular vision dysfunction (BVD), they can witness first-hand the powerful impact that results from this specialty work. “It’s something you don’t believe until you see it,” says Jessica Bonner, OD, of Portland, Oregon, who completed the on-site portion of the program in October 2021.

Dr. Feinberg at the NeuroVisual Medicine Institute

A Family Mission
In the 25 years since Dr. Feinberg founded the NeuroVisual Medicine Institute with her husband Mark Rosner, MD, she has created a ripple effect, transforming the lives of her own patients and inspiring other eye care professionals to train and provide this much-needed care. And while she’s always flattered by those patients who travel long distances to her for these services, Dr. Feinberg’s ultimate goal has been to be able to refer them to a provider in their own communities. So far, over 40 doctors have completed their BVD training through the institute—from the U.S. and internationally.

A Pathway to Success
Also, in January 2021, Dr. Feinberg finally received validation of her BVD Questionnaire, which she has been using for two decades, in Otology & Neurotology. It asks patients how frequently and the severity of which they experience very specific symptoms, and the results reveal if they should be further screened for BVD. “When they score high, it’s a slam dunk,” she says. “It gives us the confidence to know we are getting the right patients in the office.”

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