Launch your NeuroVisual™ Specialty with confidence and support.

Traditionally, adding a new specialty service to an optometry practice has been a lonely, time consuming, and uncertain process. We’ve set out to change this with our NeuroVisual Medicine Training Program and proven 9-Week Jumpstart Sequence – you will be able to provide comprehensive NeuroVisual care with all the systems to enable your growth. Then you’ll join our network of colleagues for further community and support.


Everything you need to start your new specialty.

We know that adding a specialty takes good coordination, staff buy-in, and all the help you can get – that’s where we come in. You are immediately paired with an implementation expert to guide you each step of the way. We provide the systems, processes, and tools to get you started on your journey.

We begin on onboarding you and your team 2 months before your in-person training week.
Expect to start seeing NeuroVisual patients the week after your in-person training.

Get your staff ready.

We take time to meet your team and introduce them to Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD), microprisms, and NeuroVisual Medicine to set them up for success.

Add new NeuroVisual™ Tools, Processes, and Templates

No need to reinvent the wheel – we packaged our years of experience into these practical tools and resources for you and your team. Utilize our NeuroVisual-specific customizable templates to prepare your clinic and get ready for your new NeuroVisual Medicine patients.

Establish your Pricing and Billing

With over 40 practices on the NeuroVisual platform, we are able to leverage historical data to model your future revenue for this specialty and provide medical billing guidance. You and your biller will meet with our resident expert to learn NeuroVisual Billing tips and tricks.

Staff Training on BVD and Microprism

BVD and microprisms are new to many optometric staff. At the NeuroVisual Medicine Institute, we believe that investing in high-quality training helps prepare our staff to deliver a best-in-class NeuroVisual experience from the phones to the dispensing counter. We cover every area in your office from optical to lab, scheduling to scribing.

Start scheduling specialty exams

We start by conducting an opportunity assessment to see how many patients will need this care – results range from 20-30% of your current patients.


The fastest route to master microprism prescription and BVD Treatment.

Our training program is led by the founder of NeuroVisual™ Medicine, Dr. Debby Feinberg, and our full-time team of clinicians, researchers, and educators with over 55 years of collective NeuroVisual and BVD experience.

Curriculum Suite Deep Dive

Start your clinical training by diving deep into the over 250 pages of our NeuroVisual Training curriculum. You’ll learn everything from the history of phorias to pathophysiology, research and exam techniques, protocols and systems.

5-day Hands-on Masterclass

Each clinician gains deep, hands-on experience with our clinical faculty and live patient exams during our signature 5-day in-person training program. At the end of the training week, each clinician is ready to start seeing NeuroVisual patients immediately upon returning home.

Clinical Coaching Program

Meet bi-weekly with one of our clinical faculty to review each of your NeuroVisual patient cases.
Each session, we’ll field your questions and provide guidance on how to increase patient relief and fine-tune your techniques.

The proven approach to prescribing microprism – the NeuroVisual™ Clinical Protocol.

Our clinical training enables doctors to confidently prescribe microprism to treat a wide range of Binocular Vision disorders in their patients. We developed the NeuroVisual™ Clinical Protocol to reliably evaluate each patient, analyze their test results, and custom fit each pair of microprism lenses.

Screen for BVD
Every patients completes the BVDQ™ before their exam.
Test & Evaluate

Use the NeuroVisual™ Clinical Protocol to diagnose BVD.

Prescribe Prisms

Build microprism prescriptions real-time with patients.

Fine Tune

Fine tune prism prescriptions to maximize symptom relief.

Beyond BVD

Know how to identify which patients need additional help.

Quick facts on the NeuroVisual™ Clinical Protocol

25 Years

of Development &


NeuroVisual patient
encounters to date

4 Articles

Validating the results of this clinical protocol


When you take this course, you literally become a part of Dr. Mark and Dr. Debby’s family. They hold your hand. They give you every piece of information that you need to take this technique back home to where you practice. They tell you how to bill for these patients, what lab to use for high-precision cutting of these lenses, and so much more. They are there for every question that you might have. They send you home with every piece of equipment that you need to get started.

Erin Sonneberg, OD
NeuroVisual Medicine Specialist

“Prism and the NeuroVisual patients are the best parts of the week in our office. We know we’re going to be changing someone’s outlook on life.. and they’re so grateful. It just feels good to be here and be a part of the process.”

Jim Klein
Scheduling Staff, Vision Specialists of Michgian

I had no idea my symptoms were stemming from a TBI related eye issue. Prism lenses and a correct prescription have solved all my issues. My balance has improved and my headaches are gone.

Tammy A
NeuroVisual Patient

Hear our colleagues discuss their training week experience

Dr. Julie Lam (Phoenix, AZ)

Since adding NeuroVisual Medicine to her independent optometry practice in 2019, the demand for Dr. Lam’s NeuroVisual Speciality has grown steadily.

Dr. Andrew Taylor (Australia)

Before training, Dr. Taylor had an interest in binocular vision. He has integrated NeuroVisual techniques with his prior understanding of balance and orientation in space to help relieve patients BVD symptoms.

Dr. Albert Pang (Dallas,TX)

With a keen interest on adding cutting edge specialities to help his patients, Dr. Pang has enjoyed the addition of NeuroVisual Medicine to practice.

Dr. Andrew Taylor (Australia)

Before training, Dr. Taylor had an interest in binocular vision. He has integrated NeuroVisual techniques with his prior understanding of balance and orientation in space to help relieve patients BVD symptoms.


We’re invested in your practice growth.

Built-In Patient Referral Network

Every month, tens of thousands of people visit our websites looking for information about and seeking help for their BVD symptoms. Hundreds of potential patients complete the BVDQ™ each week and send their results directly to the closest certified provider. This means an average of 4 new patient leads each week, directly to your inbox!

Specialty Marketing Materials

Employ our proven marketing strategies and materials to kick-start your outreach and education efforts to your patients and referral community.

Growth Strategy and Coaching

You’ll be paired with a your very own Practice Growth Coach and will meet monthly to build strategy, set goals, and track your progress. Practices begin by adding NeuroVisual Medicine in 1/2 day per week increments. We’ll help you and your team scale up to 1 day per week and beyond – with operational support and proven marketing strategies.


Together, we go farther.

NeuroVisual Network of Optometrists

The NeuroVisual Medicine Network consists of some of world’s top-performing microprism specialty practices. We meet virtually throughout the year to discuss challenges and opportunities for our specialty, organize in a private online network, and will begin in-person network meetings in 2023.

Collaborative Learning and Growth

You’ll face new challenges along the way but you’re not alone. Many successful NeuroVisual Medicine providers have faced similar challenges and created solutions. They are eager to share their hard-won wisdom and experience with you.

Practice Resources

As a member of our network, you will have access to a wealth of resources. Our library of professional materials is constantly expanding with a fully searchable database of case studies, webinars, tools, and how-to documents at your fingertips.


Together, we go farther.

When you have questions, we have answers.

The NeuroVisual Medicine Network is consists of some of world’s top-performing microprism specialty practices. We meet and work together to discuss challenges and opportunities. We meet virtually throughout the year, organize in a private online network, and will begin in-person network meetings in 2023.

  • Opticial
  • Clinical
  • Lab Production
  • Web Development
  • Billing
  • Scribe and Techs
  • Practice Management
  • Operational
  • Marketing
  • Scheduling & Booking
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Staff Training
  • Intake

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