The NVM Screening Kit

Test 2: The NeuroVisual Medicine Survey

Thank you again for listening to us at the 2023 ALLDocs Annual Meeting! This is your second step in our exclusive Screening Kit, just for ALLDocs members like yourself!
The NeuroVisual Medicine Survey is a chance for your patients to express their symptoms themselves. Not every symptom of BVD is something you can see. More often than not, the combination of multiple symptoms that may seem unrelated is a clear indication of a Vertical Heterophoria or BVD.

How to Perform the NeuroVisual Medicine Survey:

1. Have an Office Manager or other member of your staff print copies of the NVM Survey out.

2. While waiting for their exam, have your staff give a copy to your patient to fill out.

3. Collect the filled surveys at the end of the day and score them.

How to Score the NVM Survey:

1. Add up every score. If the score is 15 or more, then that person has screened positive for BVD.

2. If they have one or more symptoms with a score of 5 or greater, they could have another abnormality happening, and the result warrants further screening.

3. If they do not score 15 overall or 5 in any listed symptom, then they do not likely have BVD.

Now that you have an understanding, get out there and use this test. Once you've identified a few patients, we'll send the next test, the Near Point of Discomfort Test!