A New Approach to Specialty Eye Care

About this event

  •  Do you feel like your office is busy but not very profitable?

  •  Are you missing the joy of optometry in your day-to-day practice?

  •  Are you looking for new ways to help your patients?

  •  Are you seeking more sustainable practice growth?


Learn how to leverage NeuroVisual Medicine to...

  1. Differentiate your practice and gain a competitive edge

  2.  Increase your revenue per OD Hour

  3.  Boost your new referrals from MD colleagues

  4.  See fewer patients per day

  5.  Stop working evenings or weekends

Hear directly from a NeuroVisual Specialist (James Aversa, OD) and our partners at the Power Practice about how adding NeuroVisual Medicine leads to practice success and clinician happiness for many of their clients.  Let's help get you to your desired future!

This event was co-hosted by the NeuroVisual Medicine Institute and the Power Practice.

Aired live on October 12, 2022

Our Panelists

Bethany Fishbein, OD

CEO, The Power Practice & Host of the Power Hour Optometry podcast

Bethany Fishbein, OD founded Somerset Eye Care, along with her husband Jonathan Fishbein, OD.  They had both worked in other practices and envisioned a place where they could treat patients the way they’d want someone to treat them and the people they loved.  Bethany now holds the role of CEO of The Power Practice, a practice management company devoted to helping practice owners reach their dreams. Although she’s no longer seeing patients in the exam room, she enjoys the challenges and rewards of helping so many other practices.

James Aversa, OD

Specialty Practice Owner & NeuroVisual Specialist

Dr. Jim Aversa loves the emotion and dramatic results he’s able to deliver to patients in his office. Dr. Aversa has pursued Specialty Contact lenses and Dry Eye treatment and added NeuroVisual Medicine to his practice in 2015.  He comes to the panel with a wealth of experience and insight on what specialties have yielded the most success, joy, profit, and happy patients.

Sarah Dau

VP Business Development, The Power Practice

Sarah joined the optometric industry in 1994 and has been with The Power Practice for 12 years.  She has worked with optometrists from around the US in various situations, from those new to practice ownership to existing practices that are looking for a fresh perspective or boost in productivity for practice growth.  Sarah enjoys rolling up her sleeves and getting to know clients to best understand their goals and dreams, creating a positive team environment and culture, to help set the foundation for success.  Specialty care is one area within the practice management space where she enjoys helping doctors develop and grow.

Matt Rosner
Matt Rosner

Director of Growth, NeuroVisual Medicine Institute

Matt had early exposure to the optometric industry and the power of practice ownership as the son and grandson of two optometrists and practice owners. As the Director of Growth and Development at the NeuroVisual Medicine Institute, Matt spends his time supporting its global network of trained specialists and developing new partnerships, products, and resources for their practices. He helps practices become the go-to Optometric specialties in their regions for treating Binocular Vision Dysfunction, enabling them to provide dramatic patient care and improve their profitability.

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