A New Path to Optometric Prosperity and Happiness

Panel Discussion about the Impact of Adding NeuroVisual Medicine

Adding a NeuroVisual Medicine specialty can transform your patients' lives and your optometry practice. Hear directly from your OD colleagues about how adding NeuroVisual Medicine has directly impacted their practices.

Watch this recorded live conversation with Doctors Laurie Sorrenson, Jeffrey Handschumacher, and Neshia Rudd to hear how they are:

• Working Less and Making More Money

• Providing Transformative Patient Care

• Attracting Completely New Patient Demographics

We're also joined by Power Practice Consultant, Sarah Dau, to hear how she leverages NeuroVisual Medicine to help grow her clients' practices and give them access to a new level of joy and satisfaction with their patient care.

This event was co-hosted by The Power Practice and NeuroVisual Medicine Institute.

Aired live on November 2, 2021.

Our Panelists

Laurie Sorrenson, OD, FAAO

Practice Owner, Employer of 3 NeuroVisual Specialists

Dr. Laurie Sorrenson opened Lakeline Vision Source in 1995. She is Board Certified and lectures around the country and in Canada on different topics including staff management, practice efficiencies, and consults with other optometrists to help them better manage their practices.  Dr. Sorrenson owns and manages Lakeline Vision Source and Lakeline NeuroVisual Medicine, where her associate, Dr. Jennifer Catalasan, Dr. Kevin Soong, and Dr. Eric Hammond treats patients with Binocular Vision Dysfunction.

Jeffrey Handschumacher, OD

Practice Owner, NeuroVisual Specialist

Dr. Jeffrey Handschumacher has been practicing optometry in North Carolina since 1999–specializing in primary eye care and contact lenses. Doctor Handschumacher brought NeuroVisual Medicine to North Carolina in 2016 and has created significant buzz around his specialty practice after helping a local and prominent meteorologist. NeuroVisual Medicine has added a new dimension to his practice that enables him to change the lives of patients who have been seeking answers for decades.


Neshia Rudd, OD

NeuroVisual Specialist & Vision Therapist

Dr. Neshia Rudd is an Optometrist and Vision Therapist practicing in Tyler, TX. She has a passion for helping people see clearly and enjoys catching hard to find vision problems.  Dr. Rudd trained in NeuroVisual Medicine in 2017 and has developed a thriving NeuroVisual specialty practice where she says, "Patients have traveled by plane to come see me in Tyler, TX for this specialty."

Neshia Rudd, OD

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