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What Professional Colleagues are Saying About NeuroVisual Medicine

Hear what other medical professionals have to say about NeuroVisual Medicine and how it can help individuals with Binocular Vision Dysfunction.

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Additional information:

  • Binocular vision dysfunction (BVD) is the umbrella term used for any form of eye misalignment.
  • Those with gross eye misalignment experience diplopia, while those with subtle misalignments usually don’t – instead they tend to experience headache, dizziness, anxiety, motion sickness, nausea, neck pain, ADHD, learning / reading challenges, gait imbalance and light sensitivity.
  • Current research is demonstrating that subtle misalignments are very common, impacting at least 10% of the population.
  • When the subtle misalignments are treated with realigning prismatic lenses, the average patient reports an 80% reduction of symptoms.

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