The Future of Optometry with Microprism

Finding what’s missing in your practice and your professional life is as simple as identifying a new population of patients in need!


One in four people (and your patients) suffer from Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) and deal with headaches, neck pain, motion sickness and a variety of other symptoms as a result. What if you could change your patients’ lives with the most effective treatment available, all while liberating yourself from the grind of seeing 25+ per day as your reimbursements go down and your operating costs go up? 


The answer is right in front of you. 


In this COPE pending CE webinar, we’ll explore the latest clinical advances in the science of NeuroVisual Medicine, help you take your first steps towards developing a lucrative new specialty, and uncover key insights to identifying and treating subtle phorias with microprism and changing lives — for your patients and yourself.


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Meet the Speakers

Debby Feinburg
Matt Rosner