NeuroVisual Medicine

Training Program

Goals of the program

The goal of this program is to provide you and your staff with all the training and materials necessary to begin practicing NeuroVisual Medicine and to run a successful NeuroVisual Medicine practice, with you being able to see your first NeuroVisual Medicine patient immediately upon your return from training.

Module 1: Prep
Module 1 is all about preparation — getting you prepared clinically to attend Clinical Training and getting your office and staff operationally prepared to serve NeuroVisual Medicine patients upon your return from Clinical Training. This module begins four weeks prior to Clinical Training.
Module 2 Clinical training.

Clinical Prep:

  • Introduction to NeuroVisual Medicine (NVM) and Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) (approximately 3 hours to complete)
  • Review of diagnostic tests unique to NVM (videos)

Operational Prep:

  • NVM Introduction for staff
  • Identifying patients in your existing practice
  • Scheduling patients
  • Educational materials for patients and candidates for care
  • Medical records documentation
  • Billing NVM exams
  • Additional NVM Documents/Forms
Module 2: Clinical Care

The main focus of Module 2 is clinical care, with a secondary focus on office operations for a NeuroVisual Medicine practice. You will be on-site at Vision Specialists office in Michigan for 5 days, becoming an expert in performing the NeuroVisual Examination as developed by Dr. Debby Feinberg. You will also have an opportunity to spend time with all of our departments and personnel (dispensing opticians, scribes, lab, billing, bookkeeping, communications/scheduling, reception, and community outreach liaison) in order for you to become acquainted with how these function in a NeuroVisual Medicine practice. Since there is so much non-clinical material to learn, it is advisable to bring your Office Manager / Administrator with you for the first 1-2 days, so that they can spend extensive time with all of the various departments.

Module 3: Implementation

Module 3 is all about ensuring your success as you return from your Clinical Training and you and your staff begin treating NeuroVisual Medicine patients. This module is a little bit different from Modules 1 and 2 as the focus is all about supporting you clinically and your staff operationally. This is customized support to your specific practice and areas you’d like help in.

Module 4: Marketing and Education

Module 4 is all about engaging, connecting, and building relationships with medical professionals and organizations in your community in order to cultivate referral sources for your NeuroVisual Medicine (NVM) practice. At this point, you have been treating NVM patients in your practice over the past three (or more) months. During your first twelve months of practicing NVM, you are likely to have plenty of NVM patients within your existing patient base. After this period, your success in treating additional NVM patients will be driven almost entirely by referrals. Even though you will have enough NVM patients for the first 12 months, it is crucial to start marketing around the 4-month mark because it takes time to plant seeds to build and cultivate referral relationships.

We have specifically developed Module 4 to fundamentally build referral relationships. Building relationships is nothing new in running a successful medical practice. Since there may be a disparity amongst different optometric practices in terms of their level of experience and activity in building relationships and engaging referral partners, we have taken a baseline approach to strategies, approaches, and tactics.

Here are the components of Module 4:

  • Relationships: The foundation for your success is building relationships—helps others to know, like, and trust you.
  • Education & Outreach: Low awareness for NVM is why education and outreach is an important element of sharing NVM with others.
  • Social Presence & Proof: Consistently obtaining and sharing patient testimonials is key to help dissolve pre-conceived notions of disbelief.
  • Staffing: How you share responsibilities for community engagement amongst you and your team is crucial to your success.
NeuroVisual Medicine Network

The NeuroVisual Medicine Network (NVM Network) has been created for those optometrists who have successfully completed training and are now practicing NeuroVisual Medicine. Benefits of the Network include:

  • Referrals of new patients to you from those people who have contacted Vision Specialists of Michigan looking for a NeuroVisual Specialist in your region
  • Keeping you current on cutting edge discoveries by Dr. Feinberg and her research team
  • Updates on all aspects of billing and coding as changes occur
  • Access to our most current documents and marketing materials
  • Participation in our webinars, where we share all of our current activities and new knowledge, as well as answer questions being asked by other NVM Specialists

This program will provide:

  1. The optometrist with all the training necessary to be able to diagnose and treat patients with Binocular Vision Dysfunction.
  2. The optometrist with support calls with our clinicians, to aid in addressing challenging cases and clinical dilemmas.
  3. All the equipment needed for this new specialty – no further purchases will be necessary (valued at $5000).
  4. Training and support for the ancillary staff – optician, bench optician, reception, screening, scheduling, scribes and billing staff.
  5. Specialty-specific office documents for a NeuroVisual Medicine practice.
  6. Specialty-specific marketing materials for a NeuroVisual Medicine practice customized for your office.
  7. Access to screening questionnaires specific to your practice designed to identify new NeuroVisual Medicine patients for your practice.
  8. Access to an informational website for your patients and potential patients to learn more about Binocular Vision Dysfunction.
  9. Up to 40 hours of COPE approved continuing education credit.
  10. The first year of membership in the NeuroVisual Medicine Network (valued at $2500).