The NVM Screening Kit

Test 3: The Near Point of Discomfort Test

Thank you again for listening to us at the 2023 ALLDocs Annual Meeting! This is your third step in our exclusive Screening Kit, just for ALLDocs members like yourself!
The Near Point of Discomfort Test came from the discovery that convergence can exacerbate many other symptoms of BVD. By modifying the NPC test, we have made it possible for you and your patient to talk through their potential symptoms at the endpoint of the test.

How to Perform the Near Point of Discomfort Test:

1. Start in the position you would be to perform an NPC test, with a pen or your thumb for the patient to follow.

2. Tell the patient to follow the target you've selected all the way to their nose and tell you to stop if they feel dizzy, nauseous, anxious, have eye pain or a headache, or are seeing double.

3. Perform the test as normal.

What to Look for in the Near Point of Discomfort Test

1. The patient requests for you to stop the test due to symptoms.

2. The patient seems unable to stay focused on the target.

3. The patient has expressed some subtle symptoms even after the test has been completed.

4. The patient has participated in any of the other NVMI Screening tests.

All of these moments can warrant a conversation about BVD with your patient.

Now that you have an understanding, get out there and use this test. If you've seen results with these tests, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with us to discuss what you saw.